El Indio Gitano, o El Moro

This cantaor is Bernardo Silva Carrasco, originally known as el Moro, but later, as el Indio Gitano. I do not like the dancer’s bunchy dress, but there are very good dresses now for flamenco dancing, slimmer and not so stiff. Observe the long fingernails of the guitarists, and the watery deep sound of the strings.


5 thoughts on “El Indio Gitano, o El Moro

  1. Z – this art form looks and sounds very alien to me, even though I have glimpsed it now and again on my travels. Neither my eyes nor my ears are attuned to it. But I recognise the sensuality and the skills of dancer and musicians. ‘Bravo!’ seems appropriate.

  2. Very good…if this doesn’t come from Spain . . . . is it the flamenco-equivalent in Mexico?

    It’s in Spain, in the 1970s (check the hairdos, and the age of the singer compared to later album covers), but I haven’t figured out where, and I haven’t figured out the name of the dancer. Yet.

  3. El Indio Gitano is one of the greatest Flamenco singers that has less publicity than he deserves. Really expressive voice.

  4. I am devastated to see that this video is no longer available!

    Here is an alternative with the Indio Gitano, which I am about to give its own post.

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