Fetch Me My Lacy Underwear

As soon as I put up this notice, I will call my favorite spa and schedule a manicure. For Saturday, I should think. The following Saturday, when I am in town, I think I will buy lingerie. While it is true that normally, I buy things like trees, clippers, and ladders, and while I covet Mexican tile, old cypress, and air tickets more than I do clothes, I do also covet clothes, shoes, and manicures.

I bring these things up because someone has gone to the Hedonistic Pleasureseeker’s site and posted a critical and actually, downright mean comment, signing Z and giving my URL. But HAH, they were not logged in as me, so the name “profacero” did not flash up, nor did either of my pictures – my true picture, from my Blogger ID, or my stand-in picture, from my WordPress ID.

I hereby apologize to the Pleasureseeker, and announce to one and all that I am not that easy to impersonate. While it may be confusing to some, I very much doubt that I am the only person who reads Heart on politics, Hedonistic on pleasure, and Belledame for general incisiveness (after all, she has an axe). Ah, yes: a radical feminist opposed to pornography – a straight sensualist – a sex-positive lesbian – my, oh my, how does it all fit together?

Each of these writers is being who they are, and being bright and articulate, and not apologizing for it. None are particularly middle-of-the-road, nor do they place the project of pleasing the whiteman at the center of their lives. That must be the problem. Both of my grandmothers, however, and all of their sisters, said it was the solution.


11 thoughts on “Fetch Me My Lacy Underwear

  1. sigh… alas, alack… attempted impersonation of a blogger… pft.
    but now i do wonder… how does it all fit together?

    I know, Amy, very petty. How the story fits together, I am not at liberty to speculate at this time! –Z

  2. Erudition via ‘lacy underwear’! Grandmother and sisters assisting in fetishisation. How droll :o)

    Charlie, they were bluestockings and suffragettes, and did not have lacy underwear. The post title is a play on both the blog title “Fetch Me My Axe,” and some of the content of the Hedonistic Pleasureseeker’s site. –Z

  3. I could see why you would read at womensspace, pz; unlike a lot of feminists (radical and otherwise), she does at least talk about stuff related to other radical concerns. as well as your own words here, obviously.

    anyway, cheers!

  4. well, they say that imitation is the highest form of flattery 🙂 did you at least buy pretty underwear? i have been thinking alot about racism and bigotry in america since i began reading around- and i have become acutely aware of my own biases as i look at the world. the current climate in america is hostile for people who are brown or black and it makes me ashamed to be a part of it- even if unwittingly. it makes me sad that we can’t see each other as people. limbaugh called the iraqi people animals this week- and that attitude is prevailing in those circles and spreading to their faithful. the ugly underbelly of secret racism in america is coming back to the surface. sad.

  5. Thanks, Heart and Belledame!

    Betmo – Not yet! What I’ve been thinking about, in relation to your comment, is class privilege. Would I really want to lose what remnants of it I’ve got? No. But are middle class customs oppressive? Yes. Would I trade them in for the strength I see in those who deal on the daily without this aid? I sometimes think so. Can I actually imagine what that would be like? No. (This, of course, is probably incomprehensible; consider it Notes Toward A Post.)

  6. “…nor do they place the project of pleasing the whiteman at the center of their lives…Both of my grandmothers, however, and all of their sisters, said it was the solution.”

    And my mother. And, I think, all the women I came in contact with growing up. And many of the women I run into even yet. Gak! Is there no end to it all?

  7. Hey, thanks, belledame. 🙂

    Professor Zero, I have continually been feeling like an oaf because I didn’t encourage you in your situation of having been impersonated. I wonder if this is a professor thing? Smells like male grad student to me. I have a professor friend that left the internet because of stuff like this that her grad students pulled. :/


  8. Hey Heart, it is cool, Hedonistic caught it and I don’t get nearly as many trolls as you do! I’m still trying to figure out how to fit the Britney Spears thing into my blog theme. Stats for this post were sky high (by my standards), I supposed because of the title. Student, I doubt it somehow, but won’t be driven off…not with your shining example to look at…

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