This, of course, is Steppenwolf on Born To Be Wild. The song came out when I was a child. Everyone looked like these band members in those days. I did not remember how things had been before, so I did not realize that we were in an unusual era.

Right now I am in an office, working on information architecture and preparing a lecture on a rather proper eighteenth century play. I feel like jumping up and down, stretching my muscles, and melodiously shouting “Born to be wi-i-i-ild!”

(Moksha, meanwhile, has a story about someone who actually did dance to “Born to Be Wild,” on the roof of her Uncle Danky’s red truck.)


6 thoughts on “1968

  1. Oh my! I was older than a child when that was made. A real blast from the past. What a great song. Son Number 2 has played this many times in his bands. Do it Z!

  2. My favorite Steppenwolf story:

    At a class reunion back in the covered wagon days, I looked over the railing in the hotel and saw Steppenwolf striding through the lobby. Since my youngest brother (about ten years old or so) was a drummer and guitarist of considerable ability already and a big fan of both Jimmy Hendricks and Steppenwolf (uh huh), I hustled downstairs, knocked at the door to which I was directed and asked for their autographs for my brother. They were very kind and obliged me straightaway.

    Leaving the party, I went to my mother’s house to wake my brother with my fantastic surprise. He looked at it drowsily, then his eyes popped open and a huge grin slid across his face. It faded almost instantly, however, with his second thought and, shaking his head sadly, he said, “Nobody’ll believe this…” and went back to sleep. We never mentioned it again. I have no idea what happened to the autographs.

    Ah, well. I tried.

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