WordPress Flips Out

This post consists of ephemera, namely, notes I took while WordPress was flipping out. When servers and software malfunction, it is interesting to see how users, including myself, become anxious and desperate. I took one of those silly Blogthing tests the other day, and it said I was only 40% addicted to the Internet – but I wonder.

1. At some time today WordPress took away my lovely new header image, although it has now returned, fortunately. In the hiatus I attempted to upload the image again but WordPress, despite saying the image was there, had nothing to show me but its default image. I went to the help forums. It appeared that my problem was widespread, that it was at WordPress itself, and that they were Working On It (and as you can see, they did). But this weblog no longer looked like my own, and I did not enjoy that at all. I seem to identify with my header image as strongly as I do with my sunglasses. It is somewhat shocking to find that I have fetishized both to this degree.

2. Since I am here I will note that this is National Blogging for Choice Day, and I am for choice. I will not rehearse the arguments in favor of it, or bring out the stories I could tell. Others have done these things very well. I would rather talk about my friend and her husband who are going to do an open adoption of a local baby, and my two colleagues, a couple, who have adopted a seven year old from state custody.

I am excited about these adoptions because I know several people who have, essentially, gone to Latin America and bought babies. I know they believe they are helping to rescue these children from a life of want, but some funding of their parents’ impoverished villages would surely be a better way to do that.

3. I will also say that I have registered for an undergraduate class. This is very exciting as I have not been registered in any university class for twenty years. It is a studio art class, with a professor whose work I really like, and the atmosphere in the art building is warm, energetic, and non-irritatingly hip. This is beyond cool.


6 thoughts on “WordPress Flips Out

  1. Me and my partner are in the process of adopting a baby right now. We also want a local open adoption and hopefully it won’t be too difficult being that we are in NYC.

    I’m happy about your post!

  2. I’m glad your heading is back. I so like the cool blue one the most. I went to class today too. I was nervous because I am not the student but the teacher side kick. LOL!

    I can tell by your comment over at my place you are reading Marx. I need to find some passion and read it before I am forced to read it next fall.

    As far as the prochoice day thing. I read over at elle’s. But it is a subject that I cannot discuss because I cannot allow myself to think about it. It is too charged. I have to say I am prochoice, but I don’t want to think any further on it than that. I guess I have that luxury.

  3. Congratulations, Kym!!!

    And thanks CM! Reading Marx, yes, but recreationally. I actually think he’s fun … considering it recreational permits you to find the passion, I am noticing.

    Elle’s post is great, I revised this one to link to it.

    Finding passion, I am glad I am not the only one who feels they lack it for what they are SUPPOSED to be doing. For the record: I am interested in art and creative writing, for pleasure … languages as something to study … and/but law or even business (perhaps some sort of anti-business) as something to do. I had thought that by becoming a professor of literature, I could profitably combine these interests, but I find that in fact, or at least where I am, this supposed synthesis falls apart, I do not get to get into any one thing enough to grow and sustain passion … instead, each thing becomes just a passing pleasure. I am going to have to sink my teeth into things this year, one after another, and see if I can turn them into passions as opposed to mere pieces of work.

    I do not know whether that made sense, but it is some of the content of the Possible Post I was thinking about as I wandered around today.

  4. you are taking an art class? that sounds soooo fun!

    ” Reading Marx, yes, but recreationally. I actually think he’s fun … considering it recreational permits you to find the passion, I am noticing.”

    for fun. that is pretty out there, 0. are you okay? 🙂

    i mean, i can read the funny philosophers for fun but, i don’t know, marx isn’t very funny to me. although, i always giggle to myself when we writes about “bootie” like it is money–the pirate saying. i always think of another kind of bootie but i’m just childish.

  5. The art class is fantastic!

    For fun, yes, because he has these very trenchant turns of phrase, and extreme ways of putting things. He is much more out there, and smarter, than your average professor, who mumbles along, doesn’t dare to step out of line, and doesn’t have a very incisive or far reaching analysis. Marx, and many others, on the other hand, just go for it, are willing to be rather wild.

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