Le jeu du samedi

I found this chez Bint Alshamsa.

Your Heart Is Purple

“For you, love is about establishing and developing a deep connection. If it’s true love, it brings you more wisdom and inner strength. Your flirting style is sincere. Your lucky first date is an afternoon at a tea house. Your dream lover is both thoughtful and expressive. What you bring to relationships is understanding.”

Now you, too, can discover the color of your heart. But do not forget to choose your Muse as well.


5 thoughts on “Le jeu du samedi

  1. It says that my heart is red, however today my heart is simply broken when I think about all the soldiers we have lost, all the injured of whatever nation of origin, all of the destruction and death and sadness we have caused in our imperialistic fervor.

    We cannot spread a democracy that we do not have.

  2. Heart colors – yes, mine tends towards red as well, although I feel it *ought* to be green (where did I get that idea), so I am glad it is purple, and we should probably all go out as a foursome, with the Anti-Essentialist.

    On the U.S., though, I find I am stoic: appalled, yes, but it is what I expected. Horrified, yes, but I had learned earlier not to expect better. This helps me get through the day.

    I am distracting myself with these quizzes (visit Sylvia’s blog, she did it too). The Latin American country I should visit is Brazil, the American city I should live in is San Francisco, and my job dissatisfaction rate is 60%, say the quizzes!

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