Mardi Gras Indians

The best thing about Mardi Gras are the Indians. These are some very authentic ones, from 2006. It is downright thrilling to be sitting at your kitchen table, or executing some other entirely mundane activity, and to hear a tambourine in the distance . . . Indians coming!


8 thoughts on “Mardi Gras Indians

  1. how do they make those fantastic outfits?! And How do they walk in them? i want the pink/purple one. i wonder if i would be able to dance in it…

    damn, i am going to miss the indians by the time i get there, huh?

  2. Hi L – they sew them! Starting on Ash Wednesday!

    You might see Indians. And the best time is actually in March, around St. Joseph’s Day, they all march together.

    I am going to the Sunday parades, I do believe, call me before you leave SF and we can arrange something: I have not made Mardi Gras plans at all, just have some ideas.

  3. Hey Professor Zero, I just have to thank you for this entry! The Mardi Gras indians are another reason why New Orleans is worth saving. I hope you don’t mind but I think I’m going to do a post on this very same topic.

    Maybe we could find some time during Carnival to get together and have some lunch.

    Laissez les bon temps roulez, baby!

  4. Prof,
    The Mardi Gras Indians remind me of the Junkanoo Parades I saw in Miami as a child.
    Back in the day, African Americans were not allowed to participate in The Orange Bowl Parade, and the Junkanoo was our parade in our community. It was a site to behold. I still love a parade!

  5. Bint – yes, lunch! Luisa will also be in town by Sunday or Monday, I think. We can discuss the blog wars, but it would be more interesting to discuss the future of the city … I want to move back to town, can I afford it, am I being silly/impractical?

    Barbie – I would love to have seen the Junkanoo parade, especially then – does it still take place at all?

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