Chile, de Santiago a Chiloé

It has been gray, rainy, and freezing – yes, below zero centigrade – for several days, and even the cat is disheartened. I did not take pictures on my voyage south, but someone else made a very similar trip, and has kindly provided us with this video. I classify it as a song. Axé.

Bayard Rustin

A Quaker friend sent this message, by an unidentified author, for Martin Luther King Day. I am not a Christian, I have not yet become a pacifist (although I am rather sure that is the most rational path), and my perspective on King’s achievements is different from that of this writer. The message is well … More Bayard Rustin

Martin Luther King

Today and tomorrow are excellent days to listen to Why I Am Opposed to the War in Vietnam (1967). Our audio link is from the original speech, made in Atlanta. Here is the text read in New York a few weeks later. And here are some fragments: We must face the sad fact that our … More Martin Luther King

Solidarity Forever

Here are Pete Seeger and the Weavers. The semester starts today and we will all be in our places. This one goes out to Slaves of Academe and Dissent, the Blog. My great-uncle Addison was a Wobbly, and he worked as a carpenter. My parents still have his hammer, and I am going to inherit … More Solidarity Forever