Karl Marx IV

In his famous “On the Question of Free Trade,” a speech made before the Democratic Association of Brussels on January 9, 1848, Marx quotes David Ricardo, who had said: “If instead of growing our own corn . . . we discover a new market from which we can supply ourselves . . . at a … More Karl Marx IV

WordPress Flips Out

This post consists of ephemera, namely, notes I took while WordPress was flipping out. When servers and software malfunction, it is interesting to see how users, including myself, become anxious and desperate. I took one of those silly Blogthing tests the other day, and it said I was only 40% addicted to the Internet – … More WordPress Flips Out

Exhuming Banes I

Here again is what Bearcy, the pantheist, says about the Jantelov and its internalization. The religious terminology he uses, I would not, but the text is worth thinking about. These are the sentences from it which jump out at me today: According to my narrow point of view, the Law of Jante is the main … More Exhuming Banes I

Karl Marx III

Now it is once again time to vote. I have changed my banner to its original cool colors, with writing/image manipulation by Nezua. The warmed-up version, also by Nezua, is definitely staying on Z Blackground, where it is gorgeous. My last readers’ poll indicated that the warmer version should be here as well. Do you … More Karl Marx III

Karl Marx II

I am motivated to post some excerpts from Marx because I got a new secretary in the media laboratory which, for reasons I can explain but do not understand, I seem to supervise. The former secretary, a person after my own heart, had printed out the Communist Manifesto and hung it on the bulletin board. … More Karl Marx II

M’du Hlongwa

The politicians have shown that they are not the answer to our suffering. The poor are just made the ladders of the politicians. The politician is an animal that hibernates. They always come out in the election season to make empty promises and then they disappear. But we know that lies are for the time … More M’du Hlongwa

Karl Marx I

Now we will pass some time studying the Communist Manifesto, that is, perusing some choice and still relevant passages from it. On what foundation is the present family, the bourgeois family, based? On capital, on private gain. In its completely developed form, this family exists only among the bourgeoisie. But this state of things finds … More Karl Marx I

Deep Nostalgia

Since we are on the topic of Music of My Childhood, since I have been hit with yet another Distasteful Project at work which distracts me yet further from the True Purpose of my job, and since I always did approve of Gracie Slick, we might as well let the Jefferson Airplane sing: You are … More Deep Nostalgia


This, of course, is Steppenwolf on Born To Be Wild. The song came out when I was a child. Everyone looked like these band members in those days. I did not remember how things had been before, so I did not realize that we were in an unusual era. Right now I am in an … More 1968