Dr. Michael White New Orleans Jazzband

1. This is the Whoppin’ Blues with band leader Dr. Michael white on clarinet, Bob Wilder on sax, Mark Braud on trumpet, Fred Lonzo on trombone, Steve Blaylock on guitar, Steve Pistorius on bass, and Shannon Powell on drums. Dr. Michael White is a professor at Xavier University in New Orleans. It is my understanding that he was originally a Spanish professor, but has now moved to an endowed chair in Music.

2. Non-musical notes for today include the death of Boris Yeltsin. I admit I was not sorry, as I disliked him. Denmark’s newborn princess, the first in 61 years, has gone home from the hospital but has not been named.

3. Notes of interest primarily to me today are (a) that my voyage to the Far North is looking problematic. I may postpone it to 2008. The (b) note is that the whitemen are rattling their paper sabers. But they are paper sabers.

The (c) note is on Reeducation, where it was a crime to do only what one reasonably could, and to make one’s own decisions. When I feel burdened, it this anti-mantra which has imperceptibly begun to raise its ugly head. I discovered earlier in the history of this weblog that Reeducation was a patriarchal thing. It occurs to me that it is also a white thing, perhaps a white supremacist thing, and I do not have time to explain that, but I am making a note of it. Reeducation is certainly a colonizing thing. It should therefore not be surprising if “freedom is a constant struggle.”


2 thoughts on “Dr. Michael White New Orleans Jazzband

  1. I’m sorry to hear that your travel plans might not be materializing as you imagined them. This has been my experience many times. I find, though, that when I am not closed off to alternative paths, I am always delighted by the journey.

    When I think of the North, I think of Alaska calling me home. Come June it will be 14 years since I’ve walked the land of my birth, and I am due a trip. However, I’ll find myself in PA this summer, and then CT and NY.

  2. Thanks Melissa and yes. I am disappointed – I was excited and it would have been a rather unique experience – but it is just too expensive, the way things seem to be working out. There are alternatives. 14 years away from home, that is long! Maybe we’ll both get to the North *next* year.

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