Festival Time

For the next few days, I will be located (when not in class) primarily at the New Orleans Jazzfest and the Festival International de Louisiane. For an approximate idea of what it will be like, I refer everyone to the videos on my entries in songs.

In the meantime we will contemplate Velázquez’ Old Woman Frying Eggs (1618; National Gallery, Edinburgh; I have the same casserole and I fried eggs in it, so it looked exactly like this), read this post by Jesus’ General in its entirety, and follow the instructions contained therein.

Woman Cooking Eggs

Then we will move on to “Because If I’m Perfect Enough, Maybe You Won’t Hate Me Anymore” by the Hedonistic Pleasureseeker, to Xicano Power’s latest on border wars and immigration bills, and to John Brown’s The Cho in the White House. I am glad Brown wrote what he did, because I wanted to and was afraid; his are, however, also my sentiments exactly. Finally, we will look at some summer clothes I like, including the shoes, and read R. D. Laing with Nezua.


7 thoughts on “Festival Time

  1. and yes…it’s a great truthout article on Cho/Bush/America. a lot of great analogies. i, too agree. and more or less did on the day of the shooting. maybe with enough of us saying it, the greater populace can begin to draw the obvious connections. which as Brown writes, is evident to the rest of the world.

  2. Merci! And OK Nezua, I’ll start saying it: when we had 9/11 I did not think OMG ‘America’ is attacked. I thought, hmm, another bomb … because there are daily bombings if you think globally. And when I heard of the VT massacre, I thought, hmm, that would be a pretty average day in Baghdad. And then in general, I honestly do think Bush is a psycho-killer, and I am for more worried about him than I am about Cho, and I cannot believe that the entire country is trying to figure out what went wrong with Cho, but does not recognize the same symptoms and worse in Bush. And a few others.

  3. I want to be part of the populace. Someone dared to say that word on the Convention of Great Expectations once and then, well, it was called on an invention of the press or something alike.

    Is that you Ilan? I heard you interviewed someone I knew and then puff. Tell us more about it.


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