Mojo Hand

This the great Lightnin’ Hopkins. Watch his hands. I am invoking my own mojo hand because I am bored with the article I am writing.

My problem is that it is in Spanish because it is destined for a Chilean journal, but many of my most interesting sources are in English and the text itself wants to be in English. I have therefore not caught a style groove for this text yet.

I am going to try and channel the mojo or jaunty attitude of Alonso Ruvalcaba, whose prose style I admire. Ruvalcaba appears to have read every terse stylist who ever existed in Spanish or English. I find this very fine.


6 thoughts on “Mojo Hand

  1. Oh, I get it now. I got a Congo Square t-shirt, a chunky silver ring, a poster featuring the Olympia Brass Band to advertise the Jazz Funeral of Democracy, a book about Storyville, a pair of dangle earrings, a cd of Zydego music, a box of pecan pralines, and a refrigerator magnet in the form of a fleur de lis and reading “Louisiane Toujours!”, but I failed to pick up a mojo hand. No wonder I don’t have a job for the fall yet! (I’ll know better next time.)

  2. Mojo hand.

    Yes! Yes!

    Of course. I could use one right now.

    This song is not the only reference I have heard to the number 22, in terms of the duration of a powerful hoodoo/vodun charm. I will have to investigate.

    Very interesting lyrics and great guitar picking.

  3. Number 22, that is fascinating, I will have to investigate also. Mojo hand, I am still trying to invoke it! The concept is good; the meditative act of getting it together is harder.

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