Green Tara

Green Tara

It is Friday, Oxalá’s day, and for the weekend we shall invoke Green Tara, the principal female manifestation of enlightenment and “Swift Liberator” from the Eight Great Fears. According to the First Dalai Lama, these fears are representative of corresponding defects, flaws, or obscurations: lions and pride, wild elephants and delusions, forest fires and hatred, snakes and envy, robbers and fanatical views, prisons and avarice, floods and lust, and demons and doubt.

Tara’s basic mantra is OM! Tara, Tuttare Ture, Swaha. And I say OM! Tara, OM! Tara, Tuttare Ture, Swaha. It is the weekend, so we will sing.


4 thoughts on “Green Tara

  1. That’s so alien. I celebrate Friday with casual beers.

    Thanks for sharing, even though so is such case.

  2. Oh, good, everybody! 🙂 Andy, I sang the mantra and *also* went out for casual beers. In one place there was a New Orleans-y funk band, and in the next, R&B, both good.

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