All the Colors Are Perfuming

Thanks to Rebel Girl, we now present Dick Gaughan, Emmylou Harris, and Kate and Anna McGarrigle on Wild Mountain Thyme, just in time for the blue moon the night of May 31 / June 1.


4 thoughts on “All the Colors Are Perfuming

  1. Yes – it has “all the colors of the mountain.”

    I actually fell asleep to it last night – but it is *revolutionary*, a peace song as your son said, although I have also had it used as a type of serenade.

    The other thing about it is how free-yet-connected the speaker is. There is “we’ll all go together” and also that line, “if my true love she won’t go / then I’ll surely find another” … the whole thing sounds so free, and then it has this sort of round- or maybe fugue-like, continuously developing melody and harmonies.

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