Louisiana Politics

I would be curious to know what the suspension of Southern University President Ralph Slaughter is really all about. Did Slaughter lie in wait for an opportunity to jump on Anderson, and use the allegations of sexual harassment to do it? Or, conversely, did the Board and the Governor (who appointed Anderson) improperly protect Anderson, virtually forcing Slaughter to stand up for the victims and the law? Or did the Board and the Governor, lying in wait for an excuse to get rid of Slaughter, jump on this thing to fulfill an unrelated agenda?

There was an LSU administrator once who had diverted money for minority scholarships to his white fraternity brothers, and got fired for it. My sources told me, though, that the authorities had known about the embezzlement for some time, but had been waiting to use it against him until they had someone they wanted to reward with his job.


4 thoughts on “Louisiana Politics

  1. Oh, my. This post and the article it’s linked to would probably be somewhat daunting to a person being considered to teach at one of the public universities in Louisiana…

    I mean, if there was a person like that…

  2. I heard speculation at dinner that Slaughter may have been implicated in the degree-selling, or grade-selling scandal at Southern. But I really don’t know. There is also the Keddy issue at SLU. And, as the AAUP report on post-Katrina dealings makes crystal clear, the private schools are yet more egregious (like private schools everywhere, I might add – on private property you do not have to follow the law nearly so closely).

  3. “on private property you do not have to follow the law nearly so closely”

    Holy shit! Just think about the implications of this, given what you’ve posted about here.

    *backing slowly to the wall and sliding toward the door, looking nervous*

  4. Still, don’t worry – Louisiana is small potatoes! UCB is heavily implicated in weapons production. A chancellor at UCSB had the guys from physical plant come over and remodel his kitchen. And I seem to remember some doctors at Irvine embezzling university funds, and then absconding to Brazil! Check the blog University Diaries and you’ll get all sorts of stories like this. And, of course, on the Auburn grade raising for athletes scandal, the word on the street around here is oh, yes, they got caught (but it happens throughout the conference they are in).

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