Cinco centavitos

We have not been singing nearly enough lately, and now it is the weekend. This is Julio Jaramillo, the Nightingale of America: “Quiero comprarle a la vida / cinco centavitos de felicidad” – “I would like to buy from life / just five cents’ worth of happiness.”



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3 responses to “Cinco centavitos

  1. I enjoyed listening to that despite the language barrier. Beautiful. How are you? I’m stopping by to give my weekend greetings. I hope all is well. Peace~

  2. To borrow a line from Stevie Wonder:

    “estoy cantando…
    un cancion de mi corazon”

    Feliz fin de semana!

  3. Gracias to both! It is a gorgeous weekend – perfect fall weather (which is like what I would call perfect summer weather, in California). 🙂

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