“Some Things Just Go Together”

…like George Bush and front running Louisiana gubernatorial candidate Bobby Jindal, says Democratic candidate Walter Boasso. See his hilarious video on this matter (it’s the one called “Together”).


I am trying to find out who to vote for. New Orleans councilwoman Shelly Midura supports Boasso, a state senator from St. Bernard. The Louisiana Federation of Teachers supports Foster Campbell, currently the state public service commissioner. He is from Bossier Parish, and says he will eliminate state income tax and charge a user fee on oil and gas processing. This will create an economic boom.

Also running as a Democrat was Vinnie Mendoza. Like Boasso, Mendoza emphasizes opposition to the war. He says he has friends in Japan who will help us with our problems. Now, however, he is only running for insurance commissioner. Then there is an independent candidate, John Georges, who does not seem too bad.

I suppose Boasso is too much of New Orleans to win, but right now he is my favorite. Everyone says we are destined to have Jindal, but I do not like him.


4 thoughts on ““Some Things Just Go Together”

  1. 1. I sort of trust Midura.
    2. He is antiwar.
    3. He was helpful during Katrina.
    4. He is amusing.

    But mostly:

    1. John Georges has some points but is a ultimately a conservative.
    2. Foster Campbell has this one issue campaign, on how to make Louisiana rich.
    3. There are no other candidates – well, a few really lunatic fringe ones, but no others.
    4. Boasso is not Jindal.

    People keep saying Jindal is the best but he does not have a great deal to offer and his voting record is horrible; it is basically true what Boasso says about how Jindal is a minion of Bush.

    If we get Jindal, Louisiana will become whatever Bush needs it to become, is my fear.

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