Two Games from Redstar

1. Play this vocabulary game and in the process, donate rice at no cost other than the time you spend playing. Via the Redstar Perspective. You can tell I am grading, because I am looking for games to play. This is the best game yet, and it is virtuous besides.

The highest I could score was 47 and I couldn’t maintain it – I would make a mistake and be cast down again, as low as 41 or 42 until I could build again. This game is most instructive, as it contains very esoteric words.

2. I am still grading, and I have not taken enough exercise in days, and there is no really good reason for that although there is an explanation. Anyway, Redstar has another game: what year do you belong in? I belong in 1998. This means that I fluctuate in terms of fashion – fancy grunge one day, fancy ghetto the next.


5 thoughts on “Two Games from Redstar

  1. Hah! I belong in 1978. And the most I could maintain vocab-wise was a 44. I’m procrastinating big-time, myself.

  2. I have not been exercising either, as I hunker down for my general exams beginning on Monday. (Hence, also the hour + spent on blogthings the other night!)

    Well, here I thought I was a vocab ace, but I did not get above a 41 level.

    I was also very surprised to learn that I belong in 1988. Although, that was the year I turned 13, and I think I have not been as overconfident and full of myself since then. So maybe part of me is still stuck in that particularly idyllic moment of youthful ignorance and satisfaction. I was one of those hellions verbally harassing unsuspecting adults at the mall, and demanding my mother walk several paces behind me. Charming is not exactly the word. 🙂

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