In Class

One winter I was a visiting professor in the Midwest, where the snow falls. Before leaving here I had fleece-lined boots sent from Canada to my new home. It was January and the sky both here and there had the bleak purity of early winter.

Everyone saw my boots arrive because they were mailed to the department office. General opinion was that they were more than what one needed, but very good. Now it is so cold here that I am wearing those boots indoors.

1. Michael Tisserand quotes Lance Hill:

The RSD is, without question, the worst school district in America.

2. The class I would like to attend is this, or one like it:

Rethinking the University: Labor, Knowledge, Value

3. The emeritus professor writes:

In my class in Estética de la lengua castellana at the facultad we were told of the peril of using such galicismos as ¿Qué edad tiene usted? (which I believe the professor made up on purpose). Before long, he continued witheringly, we were going to be asking instead: ¿Qué viejo es usted? He wore the same starched shirt with French cuffs and cuff links to each class.

4. Women’s Space blogs on Gaza.

5. And the student film group I now “advise” is educational. This week’s film was Billy Wilder’s Ace in the Hole. Richard Armstrong writes:

Ace in the Hole was symptomatic of a taste for brutal modernity manifest in Wilder’s work since before even Double Indemnity (1944). Embodied in Tatum is the ruthless ambition of a society heading for international hegemony as it broke the back of what it had gladly dubbed the ‘American Century.’


One thought on “In Class

  1. The Emeritus Professor sent in a comment by paper mail! It says:

    He [the professor] reserved his deepest scorn for “es decir,” a galicismo which had displaced the Spanish expression “esto es.”

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