Little Chenier

Out of patriotism and in the spirit of my resolution to see more movies, I have been to Little Chenier. I found it melodramatic and stereotype driven, and the accents are very poorly done. Then again, it is apparently very hard to represent southern Louisiana without resorting to exoticist trope. I did like the beautiful funeral scene and the character T-Boy Trahan. And if you see the film, you will see one of the places I have been fishing.


6 thoughts on “Little Chenier

  1. It looks like a good film. I’ve never seen a film that focused on Cajun life. There is always a risk of overt stereotypical images when the people don’t tell their our own stories. Then again, the people will sometime perpetuate the same sterotypes. Go figure.

  2. My current story takes place in New Orleans during the 1920s. During the first production of the work, the actors were given dialect tapes so that they could come as close as possible to Louisianian black vernacular. The director wanted to go in a direction familiar to comfortable stereotypes. I fought and won. I protected my baby. I also discovered the danger of sometimes letting other people tell your story.

  3. So you write for the stage, bb? Cool! And people in N.O. still do talk as they did on those old records, it is amazing and great.

    Hi Stephen! The truly great film to get on Cajun life is old: Louisiana Story:

    I also like Bellizaire the Cajun fairly well, and there’s a documentary worth looking at, J’ai ete au bal … and also, of course, Hot Pepper (Clifton Chenier).

    SabaMD – Vermilion and Cameron Parishes, in the marshes below Pecan Island, White Lake, Grand Lake. Near Grand Chenier. I need to go further west sometime and explore the Creole Nature Trail in detail.

    Little Chenier is in Cameron Parish, I am not sure where. Cameron Parish is one of the very best parishes of Louisiana, in my opinion.

  4. awww…i wanted to buy the downloaded version of the louisiana story but am unable as i am “outside US”….ah well, only 12 weeks left in saba

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