Memorandum 2

To all students with cute nicknames: The time to introduce these nicknames to me or to the class is not when you are in a desperate circumstance and need a special favor. The effort to portray yourself as a kitten or puppy by suddenly beginning to sign your e-mails “Mikey” or “‘Becca” is very transparent. Furthermore, it can cause confusion regarding your actual identity. Please use the names I already know.


7 thoughts on “Memorandum 2

  1. I received an email from a student this weekend and his email name/address was: iwannabeinu@xxxxxx

    I am deeply sorry that he chose not to use his college email account.

  2. Yes, a student, currently enrolled, asking question about the in-class essay test scheduled for Monday.

    But I’ve met versions of your “Mikey” too —

  3. So – did you let him know that writing from that address was inappropriate? What did he say???

  4. No. I have done nothing except to respond to the immediate question at hand.

    I went over email protocol in class at the beginning of the smester but…

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