Ashley Morris

Please remember Ashley Morris. That is Ashley Morris, of the late, great Ashley Morris blog which did so very much to get us through the storm.

Ashley might be on his way to Jazzfest tomorrow, but nous-autres allons à Lafayette to attend Festival International, a free festival not inside any gates, less touristy and and a great deal more indigenous. It will be the weekend, and we will sing:


3 thoughts on “Ashley Morris

  1. Awesome dancing! I have not been dancing in way too long. Note to self: go to the Half-Time Rec on Sunday for the cajun/zyedco night.

  2. Oh! DO enjoy the festival, twice over, once for me! My family didn’t live in Lafayette for long, but when they did, I love love loved going to that festival. I bought a djembe which has since been lost in a move and I regret it more than any of my other move-lost things apart from some photos.

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