HB 179 – Louisiana

If you are Louisiana faculty and you have not received the following e-mail (from ALFS and AAUP), please read it now and then act. I am sending one e-mail to one member of the House Education Committee each day, until I have e-mailed them all. I strongly suggest everyone else do the same. The e-mail: … More HB 179 – Louisiana

What Rough Beast

One of the things I now do to protect my sanity is spend time at a ceramics studio. I cannot really afford this, but it is essential to mental health and I think cheaper than some more traditional but less interesting alternatives. This ceramics studio is run by a couple who are not really experts, … More What Rough Beast

Should I…?

Should I add these paragraphs to any of my self-descriptions, or are they too frivolous? “Professor Zero teaches at Vichy State University, an R-2 institution in Louisiana. Her departments and programs include, but are not limited to Spanish and Portuguese, Comparative Literature, and Latin American Studies. She has resigned her affiliation with Women’s Studies because … More Should I…?

Reading for Pleasure Wednesday: Gonçalves Dias’ Song of Exile

This is the real Professor Zero. The coup has been defeated, and I am back! First we will read Alice Walker on Barack Obama, H/T Anxious Black Woman. then we will read an important post on “marriage strengthening” as a solution to economic devastation by Elle PhD. Now we will sing: Minha terra tem palmeiras, … More Reading for Pleasure Wednesday: Gonçalves Dias’ Song of Exile

Standing By

Professor Zero’s hearing has ended. Barring any untoward or unforeseen events, she should be released from the Castle tomorrow. She is really, really tired of discussing Reeducation, and bored. She is not even angry any more. She is channelling Michel de Montaigne to remind us that the savage world may be more civilized than ours, … More Standing By

On Collegiality

I would like to return to a portion of a comment in the CHE thread on tenure: What the faculty lack (and what is helping to erode the academic freedom and tenure system) is collegiality. No, not in the sense used by administrators (and faculty) to deny an outspoken faculty member tenure. Real collegiality — … More On Collegiality

Bar Zero

I have referred to parish prison as Abu Ghraib, but really we do not have those conditions. From the windows we can wave to festival revelers. The prettiest women have the most confidence of anyone, and they wave right back. I was even let out to go down the street to my ceramics studio. I … More Bar Zero