The Sanctuary

A friend writes that The Sanctuary is “a new community online that is pro-migrant, pro-humanity, pro-social justice, but mostly a safe space for those of us on the left who do not find the solidarity and priority of human rights (for all) in the mainstream blogosphere that we would like. The right—namely the extreme right—has hijacked the debate on immigration and rendered it hateful and ineffective. Even in many friendly spaces, we cannot count on others to maintain a sane and human environment in which to organize, share information, stories, and discuss this issue so crucial to us as a nation and a race (the human race). It has been sorely needed.

“We are not powerful or rich or important people, but we are very committed and we have taken matters into our own hands to do this, to create this environment. We have been working on this concept since last year, in one form or another, and finally we are just about ready. . . . Our strength will rely on our passion and numbers, and I want to pass along the invite to you. Please do not hesitate to sign up now, to add the feed, to post your own diaries. (Hey, you know a few of the editors well, I bet! Juice, vat@.)”
Please participate, it is important.


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