Military Rape Awareness Day

May 30 is International Military Rape Awareness Day! Read the post from WoC PhD and its links! Also at WoC PhD, do not miss these important interviews of Jeremy Scahill. Finally, I have fallen off lately in my New Year’s Resolution to see more films, I would like to see Standard Operating Procedure.

Update: WoC PhD has gone private. Scahill’s eight important interviews are, however, available elsewhere, as is information on IMRAD. I will post links as I am able.


3 thoughts on “Military Rape Awareness Day

  1. I’ve been reading tons and watching old movies I should already have seen. Watermelon Man, The Spook Who Sat By the Door, Ghosts of Mississippi, Querelle, etc., as well as documentaries of all kinds. Trying to recuperate from a difficult semester.

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