Collective Van II

I like the mototaxi concept and the fact that motataxis look rather like 1920’s cars, but my favorite mode of transportation is still the combi or collective van. Those who criticize combis are not wrong in anything they say, but I love combis nonetheless. They are extremely folkloric, they are more comfortable than buses, when you know the streets and roads well enough to know which combi to jump onto, you know a lot about your town, and I associate combis with unusual intercity travel, and with going to the beach or an interesting university campus.

I also never get tired of listening to the different singing styles of the drivers’ assistants, who in addition to making change and stuffing the passengers inside must hawk the van and its route, let the driver know when he is opening and closing the door, and function as a rear view mirror by telling the driver when it is safe to change lanes. It seems to me that the song of the driver’s assistant could be a son or an urban avant-garde poem. The outlines would be something like this.

Centro, centro
Sube sube sube sube
(entra entra)

baja baja baja

Avenida Avenida
baja baja baja


Pasajes pasajes
Tenga su vuelto

Arequipa Arequipa
sube sube sube sube

I would have to work on the typography and contextualization to make it really interesting.


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