Cebichería Marlin

This is the best restaurant I have been to in Peru in 2008. It used to be, or seem to me, that all restaurants were this good – Peru was like France in that way – but now they seem to have declined. In any case, we have the Cebichería Marlin and it is in Huamachuco.

From the Plaza de Armas take the calle peatonal to the end, and turn left immediately. The Cebichería Marlin is halfway down this block on your right.


8 thoughts on “Cebichería Marlin

  1. That´s funny!

    I am again at the internet cafe that doesn´t let you correct. It´s really the Cevecheria Restaurant El “Merlin” and the name of the street is Olaya.

  2. Hi Alonso, nice to see you – It’s the fish dishes you want – ceviche mixto for example, and sudado de trucha (it’s trout from the region, pink and beautiful). They have a special fish cook. But they look like and are just a hole in the wall … yet the fish dishes cost real money, $3.50 each for the two I just cited.

    Alejandro – nice to see you, too. I can’t take pictures because these awful people form the Escuela Militar Leoncio Prado borrowed my digital camera to take pictures of each other at this lunch in the Club Naval and they dropped it in a vat of olive oil, or so the frustrated repairman explained the situation to me.

    Food context is that the only fancy restaurant I have been to this trip is RUSTICA, which was all right but not mind boggling – it is a buffet, after all, and things are not cooked to order. I tend to eat in modest places. And in Lima we have a cook who is a very good cook, so I do not eat out as much as I might.

  3. P.S. I went back and tried their parihuela but it wasn’t very good, so I no longer recommend this place 100%. Still their trout, which is the big local fish, is the best I have had and the ceviche I had was excellent (it is very popular for ceviche, I can see).

    Other food notes for Huamachuco is that their baked goods are really good and not sweet. And everyone serious about cooking seems to cook on a wood fire. The best bakery and coffee place is DONIA EMILIA, on the calle peatonal, almost all the way down … on your right as you come from the plaza.

  4. P.S. AND I got slightly sick on that parihuela, the toyo and seaweed were not entirely fresh, I knew it at the time, was embarrassed not to eat at least some of it.

  5. P.P.S. I have gotten a reality check on the deterioration of restaurants. My reality checker says it is true and it is the fault of neoliberalism … before there was pride in craft, and good products were associated with good income, but now that quality in product has been divorced from profit, people are just interested in charging money.

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