Santiago en Huancayo

Today is the feast of Santiago, the Apostle, and it is very important. This videoclip was from Huancayo, in the central sierra, but we can also download whole songs by bands from Santiago de Chuco such as the Grupo Cukollakta and the Conjunto Libertad.

Santiago de Chuco’s fiesta is the most interesting because it was there that Vallejo got arrested long ago. It is customary to imply that he may have been unjustly accused but I have heard he was packing a pistol on this occasion and saying that his enemies “Ahora sí que me las van a tener que pagar,” just like a character in a telenovela.


5 thoughts on “Santiago en Huancayo

  1. It´s really “Ahora sí que me las van TENER QUE pagar,” but this computer is limping and won´t let me correct it.

    It is also a myth that Vallejo suffered and was so terribly rural and innocent. I´m in Huamachuco where he went to secondary school and it is a paradise. (All of this of course could be discussed at much greater length.)

  2. Perhaps the righteous always have to suffer, whereas the evil types are supposed to have had it all superlatively good.

    I am reading emails from my old school friends now, and it is amazing how much we, supposedly masterly colonials, were really put upon with all sorts of indignities. I’m really finding it quite hilarious, the stories that are being told. And our way of speaking, I have come to see, was oven corrected by our overlord mistresses and masters, the British, who through we didn’t speak with enough of a British accent to be properly civilised.

  3. Now I am at a different internet station with better computers and a better connection, and I got to correct the post.

    Yes, the ones from the metropolis are on top of the pile. Within the colony, in addition to the colonized – “natives” of different categories, you have the privileged metropolis descended people and also the less privileged ones, but no matter what, Spain looks down on Mexico, etc., etc. There isn’t just a colonizer and a colonized.

    The good having to be seen as having suffered, I guess so. I think there’s enough for a counter biography here. C.V. did a lot of fun things, and committed some transgressions, and difficult though it was, he didn’t work a regular job in Europe … I wonder whether he really was as morose as they say. This is *pure* speculation, of course.

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