Complete Boycott of Starbuck’s and the Catholic Church

I saw in Sunday’s La República that the Archbishop of Cuzco is canceling the lease the traditional and beautiful Café Allyu, on the Plaza de Armas, has held for decades, so as to lease the space to Starbuck’s. This will of course hurt a high quality Peruvian small business in favor of a mediocre transnational one, degrade the Plaza de Armas and the town, lower the quality of life, and so on. We knew Starbuck’s was evil and we could suppose the Archbishop of Cuzco was, but now he is publically exhibiting several of the seven deadly sins and I have lost all patience with everything Catholic from now on.

The Catholic Church, of course, never deserved my patience in the first place. I have been nice about it anyway for nearly fifty years, but this is the last straw. I am sorry if this post offends your Catholic sensibilities. All I have to say is écrasez l’infâme. I am not yet sure what letter writing campaigns or other forms of combatting this evil being perpetrated against the Café Allyu may exist. When I find out, I will let you know.

In more amusing news, La Industria of Trujillo reported Monday that several members of the Santiago de Chuco city council are requesting federal intervention in the municipal government due to apparent corruption, mismanagement, and from what I can gather, mutual mistrust among members of the community. And our featured blogger for today is the Bald Blogger, in whose Wright is Right post I am interested for what it has to say about race, not because it supports non Catholic Christianity (remember, I am an unbaptized heathen and grateful for it).


6 thoughts on “Complete Boycott of Starbuck’s and the Catholic Church

  1. Sing it, sister! And they still manage to maintain that high class image. So cultural and all.
    Starbucks just closed one of its cafes here. It will not be missed.
    The best coffee I ever had was in Cadiz. It must have been fresh from Africa. It had that chocolaty finish. MMM.
    I am vicariously enjoying your experiences very much.

  2. You have come to your senses. The papist church is filled only with the lovers of money and small boys!

    May the Romanists choke on their coffee!

  3. The closing of the Café Ayllu is truly a loss for Cuzco, having been a cultural and intellectual icon for decades. No wonder when my relatives in Peru ask me what kind of Catholic I am, I always answer: ‘católico folclórico’. I love the puzzled expressions that comment leaves on the older relatives, while the younger ones just chuckle and whisper, ‘Ese Alejandro…’

  4. Catholics have done, and continue to do, lots of evil in the world, indeed. Certainly, too, many Catholics will continue to do evil. That’s horrible, and such individuals deserve your fervent opposition.

    But just a note: Catholic Relief Services (CRS), the “international humanitarian agency of the U.S. Catholic community,” last year spent $560 million to benefit over 80 million people.

    In some areas, it was a simple as helping farmers in Tanzania switch from white- to orange-fleshed sweet potatoes, which are much more nutritious. CRS also helped to desalinate fields there since “the tsunami struck three years ago.”

    In other cases, the costs were greater and the problem more difficult: CRS has HIV programming in 52 countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America; CRS has provided antiretroviral therapy to more than 100, 000 people, and has treated and cared for more than 250, 000 people affected by HIV.

    94% of the money CRS spent went help the people it serves, and it assists people “without regard to race, religion, or nationality.”

    Christ is present in His Body the Church, helping us and healing us, even if many members of His Church act stupidly and do wrong. He is working on them, too, I promise you, to turn them into saints.

    Source: “Annual Summary of Program Activities” of Catholic Relief Services. (I borrowed wording here from that source.)

  5. Hi everybody! Jim, I know. Did they have to be Catholic to do it? They’d have done better doing the same things and not promoting the Catholic church while they’re at it. And not thinking that they’ll go to Heaven for it, etc. – I have utterly had it with the whole self serving, hypocritical, cruel Catholic trip. HIV etc. – well if they’d approve of condoms, etc., etc.

    I’ve also been observing how American Catholic kids behave on their “mission” trips here. It is *absolutely* deplorable, exploitative, and so on. As far as I am concerned the whole church is on the dark side, so to speak. Remember I’ve been nice to and about it for almost fifty years and I am not in a mood to be diplomatic any more.

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