Meones en Lima

It is a serious problem. Listen closely to the clever commentary by the reporter!

And here, we see people burning electrical cables in the street near the Gamarra market.

Update: Some of the commentators on the second video say the reason people are committing this ecological crime is that they are “shitty Indians” (sic). In the first video all the interviewees are poor, but the activity in which they are indulging is in fact shared by one and all.


2 thoughts on “Meones en Lima

  1. The commentary is full of clever literary allusions, which it deadpans to a heavy ironic effect.

    The interviewees all have excuses, mainly that public bathrooms cost money and they have none.

    One thing is definitely true, though: in poor areas bathrooms are sometimes so non functional that one might as well use the street.

    I might add that on some of the inter city buses I took, bathroom stops were made in mining towns that only had bathrooms for men, because only men were expected to be there. Women on the bus asked the bus drivers, what about stopping somewhere that has a women’s bathroom? The answer was that there was no such place on this route. The bus drivers would then proceed to point out the rocks behind which it was most common for women wishing to use the bathroom to hide.

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