Lima in the Sixties!

It is the weekend, so we will learn history and sing! Like many cities, Lima swang in the sixties – while the national government fought guerrilla movements. (There were two coups d’état as well, although there was also an elected President part of the time. He had an interesting life, in my opinion.)

Part I: A great deal of modernization took place. In 1966, for example, the PASEO DE LA REPUBLICA became a freeway.

Part II: the sixties were the decade of modernity and rock. People stopped having their clothes made and bought newfangled ready made ones in the boutiques of the Avenida Larco, in Miraflores – the very district of modernity. There was a rock song about motorcycles.

Part III: see how and why Carlos Santana was thrown out of the country, as the sixties died.


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