Positive Thinking Has Wrecked the Economy

I am really glad someone has expounded upon this.

Positive thinking is endemic to American culture – from weight loss programs to cancer support groups – and in the last two decades it put down deep roots in the corporate world as well. Everyone knows that you won’t get a job paying more than $15 an hour unless you’re a “positive person” — doubt-free, uncritical, and smiling—and no one becomes a CEO by issuing warnings of possible disaster.  According to a rare skeptic, a Washington-based crisis management consultant I interviewed on the eve of the credit meltdown in 2007, even the magical idea that you can have whatever you truly want has been “viral” in the business culture….


2 thoughts on “Positive Thinking Has Wrecked the Economy

  1. I went to the same college as Ehrenreich Reed, in Portland. It’s a good place for what the Germans call Andersdenker (dissenters).
    I’ve always been a fan, except for a brief period when she seemed to be blaming Hillary Clinton for Bill Clinton’s sexual behavior.

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