Fare Thee Well

This is the last day to vote early in Louisiana, so those of you who wish to vote early, should. And then there is only one week left of Bush-consciousness, one hopes, because next Tuesday evening we expect to bid it farewell.


Every October we sing Dink’s Song. Here it is with its first recorded text, the story of that text, and a nice version in MP3 by Roger McGuinn. Dink’s Song is about the loss of love. I feel organically whole in October and that is why I have the strength to think of such things. I leave or begin.


One October long ago the lucidity of the moon showed me that I was dead. I had a dream in which I walked into my study to find that I had thrown my three year old self against the wall. Stuck there were blood and bones, and it was over, already done, no going back.

I did not go back into the study for several years. I searched for the right song of mourning but I did not yet know Dink’s Song.


Much later I escaped from something and spent a beautiful October weekend in New Orleans. I drove home on beautiful country roads listening to Sunday afternoon programming on WWOZ, W-Wizard of Oz. That was when I discovered Dink’s Song, which I could have used earlier but could use now. Fare Thee Well.


Now it is October again and I am back from New Orleans again, deeply engrossed in a project which will spring me to another sphere. I have a time limit, which is exciting. Playing in my head once again is Dink’s Song.

It is a song of nostalgia. I am going to cut something out at the root and move. There are only a few more Octobers left to spend here. Fare Thee Well.


One thought on “Fare Thee Well

  1. how nice to have the first real Fall/Harvest Month be such a site of fruitful memories. 😀 For me Oct is the exact opposite, but it just makes the end of Nov and Dec all the more lovely.

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