Memphis Minnie

That is Kissing in the Dark. There are no other pictures, so throughout the song you get to contemplate this picture. When I first saw it, I realized that this is one of the faces I expect to see looking back at me in the mirror when I look in it, and that is how mirrors so surprise and disorient me. I may have an identity problem, you laugh, but it is not really the features I am talking about, it is that lively look.

Now, to contrast to the profane lyrics of Kissing in the Dark, we will listen to the sacred ones of Let Me Ride, recorded for Decca on 15 January 1935.

Memphis Minnie was originally from Louisiana.


2 thoughts on “Memphis Minnie

  1. “Call the doctor, call him quick, ’cause
    I done got something ’bout to make me sick”

    “Kissing in the dark, honey, that’s my birthmark”

    “She had a date with a scrap, she met a hip cat
    And nobody knows where she end up at”

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