Seu Jorge e Ana Carolina

Seu Jorge and Ana Carolina are not Reeducated, they are free.

One of the important things I study so as to repair myself from Reeducation is how not to take things to heart.

In Reeducation one had to take everything to heart because it was supposed one did not feel, and needed to learn how.

Taking things to heart (as opposed to giving them the importance they actually deserved) and allowing oneself to be overwhelmed were the two important ways of proving one’s humanity (in Reeducation’s terms). For in Reeducation, one’s humanity was under attack. Too smart to be a real person! chanted Reeducation.

Now, however, it appears to be fashionable once again to be empowered and not to allow oneself to be dragged down. It is very interesting to me to hear these things because I spent so much time trying to unlearn them. I spent the sixties and seventies learning them and the eighties and nineties eradicating them.

Reeducation was politically conservative and unquiet, not meditative.


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