Word Processing Survey

What word processing software do you use? Do you like it? Why and/or why not? Do you use Open Office? If so, in what language and with what keyboard? Do you find that MSW opens your .rtfs from OO correctly? Have you used NotaBene or AbiWord, or any other current word processing program? Did you like them?


3 thoughts on “Word Processing Survey

  1. 1. Word 2003. I hear that 2007 induces people to curse a lot, as in “where did they put the @#$% menus?” and have not switched.
    2. Yes, pretty much. It’s more a marriage of convenience than a love match.
    3. OO: I have used it, but it doesn’t play well (or at all) with Endnote, so I don’t use it much.
    4. I haven’t used any recent wordprocessing programs except for these two, although I used to use WordPerfect back in the day. If I couldn’t use Word, I’d use Open Office.

  2. Very interesting. I still like WP 5.1 for DOS best. I know I should like OO, but I don’t really, and I find it to be more problematic than they say. I just got Word 2003 in the office and 2007 at home. 2007 is irritating for the reasons you say but it is so much easier to get accent marks in it than in OO that I adore it. I am not pleased to be a MSW freak but I appear to be one – faute de mieux.

  3. I use Word 2007. Not bad except: a) They’ve dumbed down the grammar check. It no longer gigs you for passive verbs or ending a sentence with a preposition, and b) I’ve had trouble opening attachments from earlier versions of Word.

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