En ville!

Je suis en ville! Je ne rentre pas à Maringouin jusqu’à la nuit! C’est merveilleux!

I keep thinking I have a Serious Mental Health Problem I need to blog my way out of. But I do not – I merely cannot take the suburbs and the suburbanites, that is all.

That is why I stay up all night – night blocks out the suburbs.

La ville est belle. You can walk on sidewalks past businesses and shops. There is neighborhood life.


3 thoughts on “En ville!

  1. Since I came to understand that you live in a suburban area, I’ve been really concerned. It seems to me that you grew up in a hybrid, multicultural space and your writing here is multilingual and code-switching. The insomnia doesn’t seem surprising.

    I’m really sensitive to place and space. Creating routes through public or semi-public spaces on foot or by bike gives me a sense of belonging. Like “desire paths” across lawns, I believe I leave my mark somehow. Suburbs — and I grew up in one — are the tyranny of privacy.

  2. Yes – used to be a little Acadian town, now is a big Halliburton driven suburb. There is hybrid multiculturality here but not enough – and a lot of it is absorbed into the tourist industry and this very hegemonic Cajun Renaissance. People call it a city now, but it is not at all urban. Although I should not be mean since it does have some aspects of interest. The key to it, as we know, is to be gone weekends – everyone who loves it is actually gone a lot, or even lives elsewhere and only visits. I need to be rich enough to be gone more. I’d also do better if my field(s) were of greater actual interest to the university.

  3. AHA – another reason to stay up all night – the dead of night is when you can feel privacy. In the daytime everyone knows me, everywhere I go!

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