Limits of Modernity

I never get over missing the Western landscapes and Woody Guthrie’s song “Roll On, Columbia” never fails to make me nostalgic.

The video has majestic photographs, but listen closely to the song lyrics. They are racist, colonialist, anti-environmentalist, and although Guthrie would never admit it, they favor big business. These are some errors in modernization theory and perhaps in modernity.


3 thoughts on “Limits of Modernity

  1. Hattie – yes, and it’s hard to figure out since I do not trust the postmodernists. !Gracias, Jennifer!

    I went to this totally weird panel at the MLA on modernity and modernization. All of these things are very complicated and you cannot just understand them de golpe. I come to conclusions sometimes but they fall apart like sand castles.

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