Ivor van Heerden

See Ravi Rau’s letter to the Baton Rouge Advocate. See also WRKF’s interviews with van Heerden.

Part 1 (April 20): “As MRGO trial starts, LSU professor finds himself jobless.”

Part 2 (April 21): “Ousted LSU professor speaks out: an interview with Ivor van Heerden.”

Part 3 (April 22): “Academic Freedom and Law: an expert opinion of ousted LSU researcher’s claim.”

Be sure to click on the audio button to hear the full interviews (five minutes each).

There is background on the van Heerden case in the April 11 CHE, with interesting links.

It is my understanding that van Heerden, as a research professor at LSU, was not tenurable. The last I heard, these researchers had long, renewable contracts, the justification being that this kept them productive.

My theory is that had van Heerden been tenure track, the University would have been loath to terminate him because it would have been actionable. But these research professors are working directly for the Academic Industrial Complex, with less humanistic and scientific window dressing on that than there is for regular professors. That is why this has happened. Van Heerden was being too humanistic and scientific, and not industrial enough. What do you think?


One thought on “Ivor van Heerden

  1. My heartfelt comment on this is: FUCK the LSU administration. I mean, really, FUCK YOU, LSU ADMINISTRATION!

    There is a great deal I like about LSU. I am fully aware of the many things bad things it does, including to me, but these big universities are like that and I always looked at it “philosophically” — except in this case.

    FUCK you, LSU administration!!!

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