They will never give permission to say this, but I do. It is not about “codependency” or about “seeking difficult situations.” It is about having been trained to accept sadistic behavior as one’s lot, relinquishing one’s rights as man and citizen, and not having the tools to name and resist emotional bullying. And for me to say this is not to evade responsibility, to “judge,” or to place “blame.” It is to make a correct diagnosis and a correct set of identifications, precisely so as to be able to do something other than say woe is me. The Reeducated will not like this, but it is about me, not them, and I do like it.


2 thoughts on “Reminder

  1. And never forget, too, that there are situations where the cultural stream as such has become so polluted by sadism and bone-headed dullness and stupidity, that even a stark, direct, stick in the mud refusal to play along with the general tenor of abusiveness can be hard to effectively pull off.

  2. Yes and I really think Louisiana’s is one such.

    Although I have also seen some serious bullying macho insecure academics here in Deutschland…

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