This is the third anniversary of the day this blog helped me to escape my X. August 1, 2006, after my escape and before the stalking started, was a really beautiful day. It was an unReeducated day, upon which all the marvelous things I had always thought must be true, were.

In commemoration of this I will try to stop discussing Reeducation here, but merely to resist it, as was my original plan. We will post poetry. We will read for pleasure Wednesdays, and wear white on Fridays. On weekends, we will sing.


5 thoughts on “Anniversary

  1. Thank you!

    I am visiting El Escorial which is very patriarchal, I notice! I like the library but virtually nothing else.

    I feel like Ernesto visiting Cuzco in Arguedas´Deep Rivers and commenting that the cathedral imposes suffering.

    I am reading a fascinating book on racism by a Peruvian psychoanalyst.

  2. Gracias y’all! Now I am pirating wireless Internet from the Glorieta de Bilbao in Madrid.

    Despite my moratorium on discussing Reeducation, I was still considering its main tenets on the metro up from the Puerta del Sol.

    – you must ignore or repress actual problems or interests
    – you shall not get over past problems or old interests
    – you must not put anything in perspective
    – you are not to enjoy life, but creep along and suffer.

    Thosse were the ideas that got me involved with that X. !!!!!

    C’est tout fini.

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