That Job Market: Suggestions for Interviewees

It is October 15, the traditional opening day of the job search season. I have a few suggestions for people going on campus visits — suggestions others may not have covered yet.

1. Good facilities are rare. Take note of the schools that have these.

2. Think of yourself as a colleague, not as an aspirant or a student.

3. That does not mean to think of yourself as a senior colleague.

4. Remember that even senior colleagues, when they are new hires, lead first by following.

5. Go with your gut feeling when choosing jobs. (And do not confuse this with your imagination about how things “should” or “must” be.)


4 thoughts on “That Job Market: Suggestions for Interviewees

  1. Good advice, every one of these, especially to go with your gut. But–I’m afraid that most people will be very lucky to get even one job offer, let alone a decent offer, let alone still two or more!

    I wish I had had the courage to choose unemployment instead of taking my first tenure-track job. Then again, I suppose it’s easy to say that now that my grad school days are 13 years past, and I can’t quite remember how scary it was to feel so poor and anxious about the future.

  2. On #3 and #4, I suppose one should caution people like that Blackguard (e.g. arrogant types) to remember that the people interviewing them, although not necessarily now at schools as good as the ones they are studying in, have as good or better degrees and have done more. Don’t patronize.

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