Reading for Pleasure Wednesday: Interlibrary Loan

So many people speak of the wonders of Interlibrary Loan and I do understand them, but nothing can substitute a library full of actual books.

I just read an article to which I would not have had access had it not been for the Internet — but which could not have been written with only Interlibrary Loan and an Internet connection.

I know what you will say: summers are the time to gather these materials. I do not have the right kind of personality for that degree of resignation.


2 thoughts on “Reading for Pleasure Wednesday: Interlibrary Loan

  1. I hate photocopying and will do anything to avoid it. Interlibrary loan does not help, but receiving a chapter in electronic format does. I really don’t like seeing the flash of the photocopier light going on and off. It makes me feel a little sick.

  2. I hear you. I once worked at a research project at a school that did not have a research library, so we worked the ILL people to the bone; but they have their limits. You can’t conduct all of your research that way, and the summers are only so long.

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