A Late, Brief Review of My Brazilian Voyage

While flying back from Brazil I was thinking of the amusing posts I could write reviewing the trip and different institutions I encountered upon it. I was also going to review the Miami International Airport including the restaurant La Carreta in its present state there, the city of New Orleans, and the Greyhound bus service from New Orleans to Maringouin.

Multi-layered activities and fatigue, as well as the lack of an Internet connection to my house at this time, prevented me from telling all of these amusing tales, and I am still recovering from the voyage. It is time to take some notes on it here; this is merely a skeleton post on the matter.

1. Saw my friend, talked to my two other friends.
2. Saw the sea and some hills.
3. Worked in a few days in the ideal office: warm but uncluttered space, natural light, very large desk, comfortable chair, huge floor to ceiling bookshelves so the books can all be in order in straight lines, in the same large room; glass doors opening onto a balcony overlooking the sea.
4. Got rid of a destructive friend I had not realized was destructive. This was very important and I do not think it would have happened had I not gone to Brazil. It is this that made the voyage worthwhile — I am saying — although it also had several costs about which I am still angry.
5. Learned definitively that I have to have a good place to live, no matter what anyone says, when I travel.
5a. Good does not have to mean fancy, but it does mean comfortable enough and functional enough for the trip in question.
5b. Good cannot be relied upon — you have to really think about it and ask a lot of questions.
6. Realized that the difference between a stressful and a non stressful voyage is having enough cash to back you up should anything happen. This time I had enough cash for a true emergency, but not enough to turn a difficult trip into a pleasant or worthwhile one.

Note: No preaching allowed! I do not need to learn that conditions are poor in the Third World. I do not need to learn to give up and relax on the beach if working is impossible. I know how to do those things already. I do need to learn not to accept being imposed upon.


5 thoughts on “A Late, Brief Review of My Brazilian Voyage

  1. Your Brazilian trip sounds fine really. As for me, Herr Supervisor does not send his chapters, and I am sitting thinking (but not acting) on the introductory chapter. Except for a bit.

  2. Yes, trip was fine for what it was I suppose, but I want a repeat, done right! Herr supervisor, he is the Uber-supervisor?

  3. I’m so sorry about the logistical things that screwed up part of your trip. I hope other things about the immersion experience made up for at least some of it.

    A comfortable chair is so hard to find.

  4. Chairs – I bought a really good one for my office a couple of years ago. It was a floor model so I got it for under $500 including tax, but it is a $900 plus chair.

    Brazilian voyage – well, the clothes I bought are really worth it, and getting rid of Charles is worth it.

    What was the most irritating about it was the people who talked me into going in the first place. What I hate about B is the authoritarianism, including the authoritarianism of Americans who think I should go there because it has beaches.

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