On Product and Service Evaluations as Interpellations to Commercialism

Do you like to evaluate things? I really do not like evaluative activity to be required of me by commercial entities. I find invasive and coercive the calls one gets from supervisors at companies one has frequented in which one is asked to rate the courtesy level of one’s technician. If I had a complaint about the service that I wanted to make, I would make it. Yet I do not wish to be coerced into saying everything was wonderful — especially when I have not yet decided how I feel about it. How do you see these matters?


4 thoughts on “On Product and Service Evaluations as Interpellations to Commercialism

  1. I always think that the technician could be me, so I state emphatically that they did a wonderful job. My reflex is to support the underdog.

    Last night I had a dream that an enormous eagle, really a kind of griffin, was walking along my arm, from one side of my body to another. Also I could trust it, and we communicating in an extra-sensory way.

  2. I hate the intrusiveness of those calls. I always say the technician is wonderful but my point is all of this constant, required evaluation of everything.

  3. Maybe I’m not the right kind of consumer, but I don’t get those calls. Could have something to do with the part of the country you are in.

  4. AHA, that’s interesting. I think it’s also a question of whether the company also has accounts with Halliburton and people like that, who require a lot of obedience and so on.

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