Il Furore

We voted, and now we have a furor. I would like to write a parody based upon what follows, but I have no time. Thus does my parody remain “unattempted in prose or rhyme.” Yet it is the weekend, and so we must sing.

Le donne, i cavallier, l’arme, gli amori,
le cortesie, l’audaci imprese io canto,
che furo al tempo che passaro i Mori
d’Africa il mare, e in Francia nocquer tanto,
seguendo l’ire e i giovenil furori
d’Agramante lor re, che si diè vanto
di vendicar la morte di Troiano
sopra re Carlo imperator romano.

And from those ancient days my story bring,
When Moors from Afric passed in hostile fleet,
And ravaged France, with Agramant their king,
Flushed with his youthful rage and furious heat,
Who on king Charles’, the Roman emperor’s head
Had vowed due vengeance for Troyano dead.

Dirò d’Orlando in un medesmo tratto
cosa non detta in prosa mai, né in rima:
che per amor venne in furore e matto,
d’uom che sì saggio era stimato prima;
se da colei che tal quasi m’ha fatto,
che ‘l poco ingegno ad or ad or mi lima,
me ne sarà però tanto concesso,
che mi basti a finir quanto ho promesso.

In the same strain of Roland will I tell
Things unattempted yet in prose or rhyme,
On whom strange madness and rank fury fell,
A man esteemed so wise in former time;
If she, who to like cruel pass has well
Nigh brought my feeble wit which fain would climb
And hourly wastes my sense, concede me skill
And strength my daring promise to fulfill.


9 thoughts on “Il Furore

      1. Me, too. Unfortunately the demonstration was couched in declarations of how dangerous it is to walk on campus (we are a firearms free zone, and it is not known that this person violates that — we only saw the license).

  1. OMG! Some perspective is needed and currently is not being found (though in the crazy times in which we live…demanding perspective can be tantamount to compelling unacceptable accomodation?). Still, if I may venture an opinion, firearms are always over the top. (I sure am curious about what the issue is, but can totally understand that I am not going to know.)

    1. Mark, I don’t even mind saying — it’s over the choice of a freshman textbook. One book won by a 3-1 margin and the dissent is gnashing its teeth.

  2. The complete disregard for realism is refreshing!

    I saw a performance of Orlando Furioso with Marilyn Horne, ages ago. What a beautiful voice here.

  3. I saw an Orlando Furioso in NYC with my husband and some friends around 1970. There were people playing horses involved and audience participation. I did not understand a thing about it!

    It was very much of the times. I’m trying to find out more about it on the Internet. A lot of things happened to me in that period that I can barely remember.

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