Gulf Restoration with D. L. Menard

We went to Lafayette, to a benefit for the Gulf Restoration Network, and saw D. L. Menard. We went in through the front door, so as to pay the cover charge, which was the point. To get there, we burned fossil fuels; that is why we had to leave dedans la porte en arrière. You, too, should donate to the Gulf Restoration Network.


Back in Maringouin, I realize I should get out more. When I lived en ville, I would habitually go out directly from the airport, without passing by my house first. I did this in January, when I came back from Brazil. I do not like to go out in Baton Rouge, and from Maringouin Houston and New Orleans are expeditions. As the older dance halls close down I tend to forget that one can still go out in Lafayette.


Jolie Blonde, as sung in 1946:

Sidetrack: Roy Acuff’s Freight Train Blues, 1947, with falsetto:

In 1938, Robert Lee McCoy was better on this song, but the video has an ad.

An Opelousas trail ride:

Finally, these Dutch or Flemish people went to Paris for the weekend, but their chosen theme song for the voyage was Allons à Lafayette.

Please donate to Gulf Restoration. How green was my valley then, the valley of them that have gone.


One thought on “Gulf Restoration with D. L. Menard

  1. Nobody commented on how I cleverly embedded into this post, without saying so, the film Louisiana Story, a landmark in cinematography and in historical preservation since you can see in it the bayous, French, and customs of the 1940s, and which is also a propaganda film for Chevron. Therefore, I will point this out. Note all the ironies.

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