Erich Fromm on Human Needs

Apparently these are:

1. Relatedness
2. Creativity
3. Rootedness
4. A sense of identity
5. A frame of reference

It seems that items 1-3 are inalienable to me, but items 4-5 can be stolen. The reason for this is not actually bad — it is that cultural flexibility that enables me to adapt, it is that empathic insight, it is that shamanic wound (if you will).

These are actually my main characteristics so it should not be surprising that they are the ones which can be kidnapped. That would be the case even if they were not characteristics which are themselves vulnerable to kidnapping.

If I named what I lost in Reeducation on this scale, it would be items 4 and 5. The source of these items is in the part of my life Reeducation deemed invalid.

In The Amulet, the children travel into the past to find what was misplaced there. In this story too, the lost items are not hidden horrors but keys and crowns and rings.


3 thoughts on “Erich Fromm on Human Needs

  1. I’ve come across your blog via undine, who I found via historiann.

    What a wonderful resource!

    I shall be including this in my links section- although excuse me if I abbreviate your name.

    Thank you!

  2. I am downright honored to have this blog called “a wonderful resource”! (Of course, if you mean Fromm’s list of needs, I agree — it’s a great resource and reality check!)

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