Arugula in Stir Fry

In a small amount of olive oil:

+ all leftover arugula, which was enough for a salad
+ all basil threatening to wilt, which was a great deal
+ large amounts of garlic
+ several sweet and several hot peppers, as for gulasch
+ two small eggplants, one green and one purple, sliced
+ a large boneless pork chop, cut into strips
+ some Thai red curry

Stir fry these things until almost done. Then cover and turn way down to finish cooking as the flavors combine.

This is to eat with rice. Water can be boiled while the stir frying takes place, and rice can steam as the stir fry simmers and sits.


3 thoughts on “Arugula in Stir Fry

  1. I forgot to discuss the yogurt. Yogurt goes on these things, or in its absence creme fraiche (but NOT commercial sour cream). The only yogurt I had was Yoplait and it really is not satisfactory. This experiment revealed the extreme inferiority of Yoplait, it is no better than Danone. You have to have Pavel’s Russian Yogurt or something Bulgarian or American organic at least; it must be tangy and it has to be the kind that is unhomogenized somehow, the kind that can still break into yogurt and water if misused.

  2. We had a gazpacho today I made from the fresh tomatoes I get year round here. I put some chipotle in it, topped it with avocado and Pavel’s yogurt and a few croutons.

    We eat like this all the time.

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