Waxing Moon

Now the ice has melted. The sun came out, and then the crescent moon. The days are much longer now, and we eat from winter gardens.

1. The best winter food, as we know from Peru, is a vegetable stew in a meaty broth, and speaking more generally cooked vegetables are the thing to eat in winter as they are very sustaining.

2. NEW RECIPE FOR SPINACH. I like fresh vegetables but I keep frozen ones as well, and I have discovered how to make an excellent and truly simple dish of frozen spinach. You can heat a soup plate in the oven to eat it from, or an earthenware bowl.

You need a small cast iron skillet with a tight lid. Drizzle it with olive oil and salt, and then put the block of frozen spinach in it; grate Parmesan cheese over it in a liberal amount. Cover and simmer for a few minutes, removing the lid at the end so any water vaporizes.

3. GRATED RADISHES. A salade composée takes some effort and talent to prepare, but it makes dishes easy to wash. Now that it is warming up and the lettuce is growing, I may live entirely on salades composées and Danish sandwiches.

I have many radishes and as I have said before, I have discovered that they are marvelous grated. Grated radishes will garnish both the salads and the sandwiches. I have been making radish relishes, since you can suspend grated radish to great advantage in both yogurt and aïoli.  Mixed thickly with minced hot peppers in vinaigrette they make a marvelous sauce for cold meats.


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