The ice returned, and then the sun came out. A retired professor is taking one of my courses. He says I am a brilliant lecturer.

I have given this course before. Most courses of interest to me, I only get to give once since needs and fashions change, and since we are so short staffed.

I bought this exact polar fleece. Since winter is mixed with spring now, it was reduced to $64.50.

One of the students is in disarray because of the M.A. exam. I told him he should pour out rum for the orixás for his next question. The class found this idea most exotic. It seemed normal to me until I realized that the problem I have with some lower division courses may be that I do not invoke Allah before going in.

Therefore I sought a recording of a native speaker saying under their breath, before an endeavor: “Allah.” Apple has an iPhone application, the Muslim Compass, which will alert you to prayer time, according to the sun and stars, in your exact geographical location. You can buy an iTune for each of the ninety-nine names of God, and you can change the ringtone of any cell phone to an invocation of an orixá.

Yemanjá is an orixá, and pale blue is her color; February is her month. We did not honor her on her day, February 2, because of the ice. We are speaking of her now, and it is Olodumare I can invoke as I walk into class.


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